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Can we organize a free/open-source pavilion at the MD Tech Showcase?

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: Can we organize a free/open-source pavilion at the MD Tech Showcase?
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:06:39

At a Maryland High Tech Council meeting yesterday, I spoke to the director
of sales for the Maryland Technology Showcase.  This is a show sponsored in
part by the State of Maryland to bring together technology providers and
state agencies, as well as non-government users.  It takes place December
4th and 5th at the Baltimore Convention Center.

While he does not have time to organize a "free/open-source pavilion" for
the show, he seemed receptive to providing one if it can be organized by
others.  Given the current budget situation in state and local government
in Maryland and elsewhere, now may be a good time to pursue such an event.

Also, they are interested in proposals for meeting sessions.  These take
place in the meeting rooms of the Convention Center and typically are
presentations or panel sessions.  They are generally organized to highlight
information provided by sponsors and exhibitors, but are open to proposals.

I would be willing to serve at a booth for GNU Enterprise, although I would
hope others could also participate for that product.  (I may need help
getting a GNUe demo working on my laptop between now and then.  :-)

However, it will only make sense if we can get a number of other
products/projects to participate.  Do we have a chance of making that happen?

Stanley Klein
Principal Consultant
Stan Klein Associates, LLC

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