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Re: Can we organize a free/open-source pavilion at the MD Tech Showcase?

From: Derek Neighbors
Subject: Re: Can we organize a free/open-source pavilion at the MD Tech Showcase?
Date: 05 Oct 2002 08:40:57 -0700

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 03:06, Stanley A. Klein wrote:
> At a Maryland High Tech Council meeting yesterday, I spoke to the director
> of sales for the Maryland Technology Showcase.  This is a show sponsored in
> part by the State of Maryland to bring together technology providers and
> state agencies, as well as non-government users.  It takes place December
> 4th and 5th at the Baltimore Convention Center.
> While he does not have time to organize a "free/open-source pavilion" for
> the show, he seemed receptive to providing one if it can be organized by
> others.  Given the current budget situation in state and local government
> in Maryland and elsewhere, now may be a good time to pursue such an event.
> Also, they are interested in proposals for meeting sessions.  These take
> place in the meeting rooms of the Convention Center and typically are
> presentations or panel sessions.  They are generally organized to highlight
> information provided by sponsors and exhibitors, but are open to proposals.
> I would be willing to serve at a booth for GNU Enterprise, although I would
> hope others could also participate for that product.  (I may need help
> getting a GNUe demo working on my laptop between now and then.  :-)
> However, it will only make sense if we can get a number of other
> products/projects to participate.  Do we have a chance of making that happen?

This is too far east for me to be of much help.  I think it sounds like
a great opprotunity.  I am including Bradley Kuhn from Free Software
Foundation on the response in hopes that maybe with them being on the
East Coast and having communications with a larger number of Free
Software projects could help scramble to make this happen.
Derek Neighbors
GNU Enterprise

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