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Re: Security framework issues

From: Stanley A. Klein
Subject: Re: Security framework issues
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:19:33

Jorge -

It may not be a direct answer, but it could be very important.  One of my
biggest concerns is how to implement various security approaches using
GNUe.  In my view, the underlying security has to come mainly from the
operating system and database management system.  If there is a method of
providing RBAC using PostgreSQL, this could probably become a major
capability for GNUe to use.

I can't read Spanish, but the web page you give has an English version.  I
will download the system and try to learn what I can from it, and will look
forward to seeing the translation of the documentation.


Stan Klein

At 06:38 AM 11/13/2002 -0500, address@hidden wrote:
>I know that this is not an answer to your question, just wanted to point
>out, that at UNI/Managua we just realized an implementacion of Role
>Based Access Control for the PostgreSQL server, as part of the
>SAM-Project.  The tesis by Denis Chavez is written in Spain, but if it
>is worthy to use it, there will be some time to translate the important
>The small lib, created and used by Denis is downloadable.

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