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From: Bernardo Clavijo
Subject: Presentation
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:27:02 -0300

I'm kind of sysadmin from Argentina. I'm kind of programmer too.
I've been looking for a gnu enterprise tool a lot of times, and far away
this project wins the match.
I'm not a python guru, instead a newbie, but I hope to learn quickly. In
fact one big reason to be here is to begin python programming.
I think I see John Lenton here, hello John, maybe you remember me from
Lugar-* mailing lists.
I didn't have much time, maybe as low as 2 or 3 hours a week.
I've got a few questions, maybe some stupid ones, but I could not find
the answer, and I've never work for a free project before (I hope
contributions to this project to be my first "free work").

1) Being a "newbie" and having little time, bug-fix is my game?
2) Case the previous answer was "yes", what is the right path to begin,
who of you could to contact for sendig/receiving patches? What part of
documentation you think I must read?
3) Is GNUe usable in production situations? has someone used it? what

Forget my english It's not my mother tongue, in fact, sometimes I think
it's not my "anything" tongue at all ;-)


Bernardo Clavijo

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