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Re: [GNUe] Help with firing an event from a button

From: chafar
Subject: Re: [GNUe] Help with firing an event from a button
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 21:30:19 +0100
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El jue, mar 25, a las 07:59:46 James Thompson escrib?a:
> ...
> On Wednesday 24 March 2004 08:10 pm, address@hidden wrote:
> > First Question. Is this a good approach ?
> >
> > Second: Why can't I find the form object with findParentOfType()? should
> > I walk up myself thru the tree to find it?
> >
> ...
> When you write a trigger in forms you have access to all the named objects 
> you've defined in your gfd file, plus a few extra items.  So lets look at 
> samples/zipcode/zipcode.gfd for a moment
> In there we have the following piece of code
>     <block name="zip" datasource="zips" rows="15">
>       <field name="city" case="upper" field="city" required="Y">
> You'll notice both those objects have names.  The block is named "zip" the 
> field is named "city".  These names are available to you as a trigger 
> programmer.  Lets say I want to have a button that prints the value in the 
> record to the console.  Any one of the following 3 lines in your trigger code 
> would work
> print
> print "%s" %
> print
> ...
> to the nature of the namespace system it is possible to get odd results at 
> times.  I'll refrain from going into those details in this mail.  If someone 
> really wants to know why let me know and I'll give more detail.  However it 
> is  a level of detail not important to trigger writers.
> You'll notice that in the examples above I treated as a text field, 
> I 
> also called functions against it.  Objects in the namespace have various 
> functions defined against them.  I just took a look at the Forms Developers 
> Guide ( and see while there is some 
> data starting at page 26 it is very incomplete.  And thus doesn't list these 
> functions :(  One more thing for the todo.  
> Lets get the code you needed now.
> > ## Perform list page up
> > # form =  self.findParentOfType('GFForm')
> > # if form != None:
> > #   form.dispatchEvent('JUMPROWSUP');
> If I understand what youre trying to do below you want the trigger to move 
> thru the currently loaded records in memory.  
> If you want to tell a block to move backward 1 record.
> zip.prevRecord()
> forward 1.
> zip.nextRecord()
> Note: If you have a form with multiple rows displayed, then when you click on 
> your button focus will change to the button.  That is why you won't see 
> cursor doesn't jump to the next record.  But the record counter in the lower 
> right will reflect the change, and if you hit <tab> to shift focus off the 
> button it will be in the new record.
> Since these functions do not seem to be documented I'll pass on a trick to 
> finding them.  You are welcome to ask here too of course as the rest of this 
> deals with gnue-forms and gnue-common internals.
> Almost every tag in the gfd format maps to a single .py file in the 
> gnue-forms 
> source.  The key files are gnue-forms/src/, and all those in 
> gnue-forms/src/GFObjects/*.py.  We're going to have to go in here to find 
> those functions.  But this isn't as bad as it seems.  We know that "zip" is 
> the name of our block,  gnue-forms/src/GFObjects/ contains the 
> internal representation of that <block> tag.  By looking in there we find a 
> python dictionary named self._triggerFunctions.  If you look at it's 
> definition you'll find the following entries. (pardon the line wrap)
> 'nextRecord':{'function':self.nextRecord,
>                          'description':'Navigates the block to the next 
> record 
> in sequence.'},
> 'prevRecord':{'function':self.prevRecord,
>                          'description':'Navigates the block to the previous 
> record in sequence.'},
> This is how gnue-common lets someone extend the trigger namespace.  
> 'exposedName' : { internalDefinition }
> The exposedName as that is what you will use in the trigger.  So we have
> objectName.exposedName or in the example above zip.prevRecord()
> One thing worth mentioning about the internalDefinition.  If you happen to 
> notice that it contains 'global': True  then this function is part of the 
> global trigger namespace.  Basically you can treat it as a part of the 
> trigger language built in functions.  An example of this is in
> 'showMessage':{'function':self.triggerShowMessageBox,
>                                              'global': True,
>                                              },
> In any trigger in our form we can put
> showMessage("Hi there!")
> ...
> I hope this helps.

Sure it will.

Relating to your explanation, I can use my block/@name, but I've tried
to use form/@name as global ( I have: <form name="myForm">; then, I try:
myForm.showMessage('...') ) and got this:

  Trigger "unknown_executioncontext" (unknown), line 25
      name 'myForm' is not defined
exceptions.NameError: ("name 'myForm' is not defined",)

if, instead, I do: form.showMessage('...'), it works fine, so it isn't
critical ;).

But, for now, and just becuase I've been, as you suggest, looking at
forms code, I found, at, events labeled JUMPROWSDOWN
and JUMPROWSUP. I also found shift-PgDn/PgUp instructed for listening
to them at GFKeyMapper, but not so any toolbar button.

What I'd like is having a button with that functionality, as toolbar has
for next/previous/first/last records.

I've been looking at GFBlock, and found that with block methods, I'll
have to do a loop for '@rows' number or so. How can I get block/@rows

In the other way, I suppose it should be possible to fire JUMPROWSXXX
events that would do the job. I've tried form.dispatchEvent() also,
but I got an Exception saying dispatchEvent was an unknown attribute,
thought it's a method from GFForm.

And I've looking for a way to customize toolbar and found defined at I'm new to python, but I've seen, at documentation,
that yo can derive a new class with same that parent: could I do that
with ToolBar, redefining _DEFAULT_TOOLBAR and loading derived class via
ImportPath to get a customized toolbar?

thanks in advance
Jos? Esteban
Granada - Spain

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