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[GNUe] Re: forms: web front end (XUL, ajax, javascript, java web start .

From: André Felipe Machado
Subject: [GNUe] Re: forms: web front end (XUL, ajax, javascript, java web start ...) ?
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 12:44:14 -0200

I am evaluating the gnue for use in intranet apps and some web apps.
I guess is better to show some examples: > Remote launch
Let's say you use "debian" as search term and press "search" button.
Even images are retrieved. 
A rich interface over web.
Usual web interfaces are very poor...
I guess the xul interface for gnue for some web apps could be embedded
in web sites with cms.

Also, take a look at "links" with more examples, and "why i use xul".
Maybe, a java web start front end could be an alternative.
The is a handy tool for
developers. Show examples and code.

Many thanks.
Andre Felipe

PS: Sorry for the long delay. My wife was submitted to a surgery and I
focused all my time and attention to her for more than a week.

Em Ter, 2006-10-10 às 16:22 +0200, Jan Ischebeck escreveu:

> What are your requirements? Where do you want to use web based gnue-forms?
> Regards, Jan

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