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[GNUe] Cursor keys

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: [GNUe] Cursor keys
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 13:24:05 +0100

Hi, all,

I'd like to hear your input on this:

Currently, cursor keys are bound in GNUe-Forms as follows:
Cursor up/down - prev/next record
Ctrl Cursor up/down - first/last record
Page up/down - prev/next block
Shift Page up/down - prev/next screenful in grids
Ctrl Page up/down - prev/next page in tabbed forms

However, some widgets available in forms have a native behaviour that
interferes with this key bindings, like listboxes, dropdowns, or
multiline entries. In some UIs it is, for example, not possible to
navigate to the next record using the keyboard while the focus is on a

We had some discussion before about record navigation, and the outcome
was that the possibility to navigate with the cursor keys should be

However, I wonder whether we might want to add a second way of
navigating that does not interfere with any native widget.

Something that might be easy to intuitively remember might be:
Alt Cursor up/down - prev/next record
Alt Home/End - first/last record
Alt Page up/down - prev/next page in tabbed forms

We might even consider to add something like
Alt Insert - insert record
Alt Delete - delete record
Alt Enter - commit
Alt Backspace - clear form

It's just a wild idea but I figured I toss it on this list :)


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