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Help required to populate gridline

From: Kishan Bhat
Subject: Help required to populate gridline
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 17:38:06 +0530

Hello All,

I need help in building my gnue-forms gfd - it has 3 tabs/pages.
  1. The first tab has customer info. The user can filter a customer here by typing the letter o. This is info goes into my db table - oppurtunity.
  2. The second tab has the Purchase order details for the filtered customer. The existing PO's are shown and new ones can be entered. This goes into my DB table po_item where I think I've linked each of this row to the id from the earlier db table.
  3. In my 3'rd tab, I want a dropdown which shows the PO number (tab 2, grid col 1). I've managed to show the id for now. A user can select a PO number from dropdown choice for which the gridline at the bottom will list all sku's for this particular PO Number. The user can then choose to enter a number for any of the sku's and I'll pick up the non-zero quantities and add them as a new row to DB table "invoice_item" and also add them back to the "invoiced" column of DB table po_item.
Currently, I can search for a customer, add a customer, add multiple PO's for a customer. But I'm not able to get the 3'rd tab to show the PO sku details on selecting a po number from dropdown - even on using "fk_source=dts_po_item fk_key=id fk_description=PONum" in the gfd for the 3'rd block. The dropdown does list the choices fine.

How can I make the 3'rd tab populate the sku items based on the PO num selected from dropdown?

Thanks in advance,

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