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Re: Help required to populate gridline

From: Reinhard Mueller
Subject: Re: Help required to populate gridline
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 20:58:32 +0100


Am Freitag, den 25.02.2011, 17:38 +0530 schrieb Kishan Bhat:
> A user can select a PO number from dropdown choice for which the
> gridline at the bottom will list all sku's for this particular PO
> Number. The user can then choose to enter a number for any of the
> sku's and I'll pick up the non-zero quantities and add them as a new
> row to DB table "invoice_item" and also add them back to the
> "invoiced" column of DB table po_item.

First of all, I think you want the "Make Invoice" tab to list your PO
items, not your (already made) invoice items. So you want to display
data from the "po_item" table, not from the "invoice_item" table, which
only contains invoices you've already created.

For letting the user select a purchase order number from the dropdown
and then show all items of that purchase order, you can do something
very similar to the customer search field you've made: create a field in
an unbound block, link the dropdown to that unbound field, and in the
POST-CHANGE trigger, set the filter for the block displayed in the grid.

A hint on your data design: usually, purchase orders and invoices are
done with (at least) 2 tables: one table e.g. "invoice" containing data
valid for the whole invoice, like customer reference, invoice date,
invoice number, etc, and "invoice_item" containing a record for each
item on the invoice. This is a typical master-detail relationship.

Hope this helps you move forward.


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