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autoNextRecord when the defined primarykey also a masterlink

From: Kishan Bhat
Subject: autoNextRecord when the defined primarykey also a masterlink
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 17:22:23 +0530

I hase 2 db tables -  purchaseOrder and po_item which both have a column named "id" which is also the primary key in each.

The datasource in my gfd looks like this:

 <datasource name="dts_purchaseOrder" connection="test" table="purchaseOrder" master="dts_opportunity" masterlink="id" detaillink="uid_opportunity" />
 <datasource name="dts_po_item" connection="test" table="po_item" master="dts_purchaseOrder" masterlink="id" detaillink="uid_po" />

i.e I've used the "id" column from dts_purchaseOrder as masterlink for "uid_po" column from the DB table "po_item".

Now, my autoNextRecord="Y" stops working when I move out of the last block of "purchaseOrder". The moment I remove the master/detail relationship, the autonextrecord starts working. Can I work around it somehow? I want to be able to create new records for the table "purchaseOrder" but also keep the primarykey as id and also the masterlink on it.

Thanks in advance,

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