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Re: [gnugo-devel] Semeai stuff

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Semeai stuff
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:10:01 -0800

Gunnar wrote:

> Dan wrote:
> > The owl defense codes are changed through
> > change_defense, not directly as in the
> > previous version.
> I think you mean *worm* defense codes.

Sorry, yes.

> This is totally out of place for the pass and owl_phase conditions. If
> they should be tested in the macro they must be provided through an
> argument. As written here the READ_RETURN_SEMEAI macro can't be reused
> elsewhere and if we ever want to change the pass and owl_phase logic
> we are extremely unlikely to remember to look in cache.h until we have
> spent several hours on debugging.

You'd find out as soon as you tried to compile in another function 
because the variable owl_phase would be undefined.

About filllib:19, it is easy to change small_semeai to give
behavior closer to the old small_semeai by restrictions on
the number of liberties that got dropped when I revised the
function. Then this error goes away.

But this example is still worth looking at.  The small semeai
in question is in the upper left corner, nowhere near S10.
The status of S10 (worm, dragon, matcher ...) is not changed
by the patch. But suddenly GNU Go thinks saving S10 tactically 
is worth 9 points.


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