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[gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.32

From: Daniel Bump
Subject: [gnugo-devel] GNU Go 3.1.32
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 2002 23:40:53 -0700

GNU Go 3.1.32 is now available at:

Currently we are in the extreme late phase of the
release cycle. Please try building on different
platforms.  Particularly, I'd like to hear that
this release builds OK on VC, OS X and any random
Unixes you have lying around.

random_1_32.1. Makes regressions deterministic again. 
twogtp_1_32.2. Twogtp saves random seeds, when available. 
gunnar_1_32.8. Update random seed. 
gunnar_1_32.9. Aftermath revisions and several small fixes. 
arend_1_32.2. Owl pushing bug fixed. 
gunnar_1_32.7. Bugfix in examine_cavity. 
teun_1_32.1. Warnings forshadowed. 
initialize_dragons_1_32.1. Initialize dragons, even when the board is empty. 
arend_1_32.2. Influence revision. 
gunnar_1_32.6. Major scoring revisions. 
gunnar_1_32.5. Various changes. 
gunnar_1_32.4. Caching of compute_escape_influence(). 
gunnar_1_32.3. Tuning. 
gunnar_1_32.2. Reading cache revision. 
gunnar_1_32.1. Missing initialization. 
arend_1_32.1. New tests. 

- new update_random_seed()
- gtp_set_boardsize updates the random seed
- reset engine updates the random seed
- aftermath revisions
- combination of --score aftermath and -o options more useful
- dead function opponent_not_passing() removed from genmove.c
- init_influence() and new_value_territory() revised
- sgftree_printboard() made global
- bugfix in owl_hotspots()
- valuation of attack threats revised to allow more ko threats
- bugfix in estimate_strategical_value()
- solid string connection bonus revised to also favor cuts of opponent
- play_gtp() starts with boardsize of board loaded with -l instead of 19
- no warning by default for FF[1] sgf game records
- bugfix in push_owl
- corrected assertion in examine_cavity()
- shadowed variables fixed in dragon.c
- major aftermath code revisions
- doing_scoring contingent revisions in influence_callback(), shapes(),
  shapes_callback(), connection_value(), estimate_strategical_value(),
  high_handicap_helper(), and reinforce_helper()
- analyze_neighbor() in filllib.c revised
- size of persistent owl cache increased from 100 to 150 entires
- bugfix in owl_confirm_safety()
- territorial value computed for tactical attacks of dead or defenseless stones
- caching of recent compute_escape_influence() results
- reading cache stores depth-stackp instead of stackp
- infl_followup_value renamed influence_followup_value and initialized
- initialize_dragon_data broken out of make_dragons
- dragon_data initialized even on empty board
- owl reasons ignores empty board positions
- twogtp does not report duplicate scores unless they differ
- new gtp get_random_seed, set_random_seed
- tuning

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