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[gnugo-devel] sgf output

From: ben andrews
Subject: [gnugo-devel] sgf output
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 22:57:14 -0500

For an independent study course (in a scheme to get college credit for
something go-related) I'm writing a program that will identify "good" joseki
usage/fuseki patterns based on big libraries of sgf files.  I'm planning on
using gnugo to generate the libraries by feeding it sgf files with
semi-randomly generated opening positions in them (--infile <my
file> --score aftermath --outfile <gnogofile>.... but you guys already knew
that).  I started playing around with 3.0 about a week before 3.2 was
released.  When given those options the file 3.0 outputted had all the moves
from the infile played in it followed by the moves gnugo generated.  The
file 3.2 generates, however, just has all the infile moves added (AB and AW
in sgf, as apposed to played in sequence) and the gnugo moves go on from
there.  I prefer 3.0's output but naturally would rather use 3.2.  Is there
any way to make 3.2 output like 3.0?  I looked in main.c but didn't see any
relevant options... Also, is there any way to make gnugo not output the move
choice labels and comments?



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