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Re[2]: [gnugo-devel] gmp mode sgf output

From: Paul Pogonyshev
Subject: Re[2]: [gnugo-devel] gmp mode sgf output
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 21:04:04 +0300

Dan wrote:
>> this patch is an addition to sgf_3_7.1a. it makes gnu go output sgf
>> files using trees in gmp mode also.

> There are problems with handicap games under CGoban. Here are two
> handicap games as produced by GNU Go after this patch (called sgf_3_7.3).

> Neither is legal sgf because of the first line. In game 1, GNU Go is
> white, in game 2, GNU Go is black.

this is not a problem of the patch itself. it is caused by
sgffile_close_file() in main.c which remains of the old sgf handling
approach. i noted it after submitting patch for play_ascii.c

once i rewrite all modes to use new approach, handicap games will be
written correctly.


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