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[gnugo-devel] sgf cleaning

From: Gunnar Farneback
Subject: [gnugo-devel] sgf cleaning
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 21:57:41 +0200
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My turn to do a little cleaning in the sgf swamp. I've put up a patch

Primarily this patch changes the call convention of the sgftree*
functions. Currently they look like

SGFNode *sgftreeAddComment(SGFTree *tree, SGFNode *node, const char *comment);

However, in all existing calls the node parameter is NULL and the
return value is almost always discarded. Furthermore in the case with
node != NULL there is essentially no use for the tree parameter so the
corresponding sgf* function can be called instead. Also the return
value can always be found by other means and is not needed. To
conclude I have changed the return type to void and removed the node
parameter from the sgftree* functions.

Other changes include
* sgffile_debuginfo() has been renamed to sgffile_add_debuginfo().
* sgffile_output() takes an SGFTree* instead of an SGFNode* since we
  always want write a tree to file. This function also needs a better
* sgftreeCreateHeaderNode() also sets the lastnode field to point to
  the root node.
* --color effective for --score finish and --score aftermath.
* Code in play_solo.c and play_gmp.c make use of the sgftree struct
  and corresponding functions. As an automatic bonus the sgf files
  created by --score aftermath are no longer broken.

The last change should also be made in play_ascii.c but I haven't
started with that.

- new call convention for sgftree* functions
- sgftreeCreateHeaderNode() revised
- sgffile_debuginfo() renamed to sgffile_add_debuginfo()
- new call convention for sgffile_output()
- --color option effective in scoring mode
- sgftree struct and functions consistently used in play_gmp(),
  play_solo(), load_and_analyze_sgf_file(), and load_and_score_sgf_file()


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