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RE: [gnugo-devel] code maintenance patch

From: Portela Fernand
Subject: RE: [gnugo-devel] code maintenance patch
Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 00:00:36 +0200

Gunnar wrote:

> > - removed a couple duplicated lines in printutils.c
> Those are indeed not necessary. :-)


> No, we don't want to have draw_active_area() in showbord.c. It's a
> local debug routine for the persistent cache and should reside with
> the rest of the persistent cache code. We also don't want to leak
> HIGH_LIBERTY_BIT to the rest of the engine via liberty.h.

Ack. Then I guess that the function has to stay in owl.c (not a problem I
think). Revised patch attached.

> It's not newly added test cases you're seeing or effects of other
> patches? (No, I haven't tried the patch.)

Checking "harder" now... nope, apparently not related to other patches :

Regressing owl.tst with D715 uncorrected (symmetry is '8'), I have :

---- File [owl.tst]
Summary: 231/262 passes. 0 unexpected passes, 0 unexpected failures

With symmetry corrected (i.e. '-' instead of '8'), I get :

---- File [owl.tst]
23 FAILED: Correct '0', got '1 S10'
Summary: 230/262 passes. 0 unexpected passes, 1 unexpected failure



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