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Re: [gnugo-devel] Bug 152

From: Gunnar Farnebäck
Subject: Re: [gnugo-devel] Bug 152
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 22:53:46 +0100
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Joseph Piche wrote:
Even though it is a trivial bug, I made a patch for bug 152. It is located at:

Notice that this patch removes support for using ncurses to provide color capabilities (for colored debug displays) and leaves that to using ANSI color escape codes. It would be nice to get rid of a dependency but I'm afraid the use of ncurses was introduced for a reason. Can anybody remember why ncurses was needed, or did it just precede the introduction of ANSI color escape codes?

I haven't done many patches before, so I'm not sure if this works, or
how to use "patch" and apply it. Could someone point me in the right
direction--maybe some documentation on how "patch" is normally used?

The usual way to use "patch" is to do (in the top GNU Go directory) either
patch -p0 < remove-ncurses.patch
patch -p1 < remove-ncurses.patch
depending on how the patch was created. In this case it's the latter alternative, if the patch is created with "cvs diff -u" it's the former.

Also, after I ran "autoconf" after making changes to I
got a wierd errors from "./configure".

WARNING:  engine/ seems to ignore the --datarootdir setting

I can confirm this problem but it seems to go away if you also run automake to regenerate the */ files.

To see how the autotools relate I recommend for an overview, although I must confess that it's not clear to me why it helps to rerun automake in this case.


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