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[gomd-devel] java2gomd

From: rbaardman
Subject: [gomd-devel] java2gomd
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:38:21 +0100
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Hi all,

I'd hereby like to publish hthe java2gomd code as I have it so far.
I regret, not having been able to work on it for months (last working code was
on 11-11-2003) and therefore I publish my work so far; to stop further delays.
Ppl have been waiting for way to long (maybe even a year) now and I still
haven't come to a 1.0pre version. I do have a plan for it still inside my
head, but I lost the time to work on it. I also learned C++, wich has left me
a big addiction, and a lack of interest in Java.

I wish very much luck to anyone diving into the code. As I would like to keep
the structure of the whole package the way I intended, I will keep myself
available to questions about the structure and possible solutions. I just
don't have the time anymore to code on it.

My plan for java2gomd was roughly like this:
- Provide easy to use API with respresentation of all objects in a oM cluster
(node, cluster, process etc) with transparant processing to the actual gomd
daemon. (Partially done. Haven't updated since long, but the idear works here.
Uses about 2kb/sec bandwith on tests).
- Provide traffic limit (not yet done, but easy to implement imho).
- Maybe provide a CLI/shell UI.
- Provide with a GUI package wich allows for easy drag 'n drop monitoring of
all available info's. This includes future info's. (No real idear on how to do
this, had a look at java function pointers. Concept not proven.)

If anyone plans on continuing my work, please keep me informed.
The code is released under the GOMD licence (whatever one it uses) and is
purely intended as a GOMD client.


Roel 'roeles' Baardman

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ADSL. Zonder abonnementskosten en zonder vast contract. Je betaalt
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