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[gomd-devel] Re: initial import of the gomdprocs/openMosixprocs sources

From: Gian Paolo Ghilardi
Subject: [gomd-devel] Re: initial import of the gomdprocs/openMosixprocs sources
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 17:53:18 +0200

Hi Matt.

About the new import => nice to hear that. :)))
Well! :)))

About the prob with the daemon: uhm... ATM I'm a bit busy.
ASAP I check the prob with "get pi" :)



----- Original Message -----
From: "Matthias Rechenburg" <address@hidden>
To: "Gian Paolo Ghilardi" <address@hidden>; "gomd developers mailing list"
Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 7:13 PM
Subject: initial import of the gomdprocs/openMosixprocs sources

> Hi JP, Hi gomd-team,
> just want to let you know that i imorted the openMosixprocs sources
> as "gomdprocs" into the gomdview directory in the cvs.
> The source + object names are changed and the Makefile
> adjusted to compile against the libgomd
> (also the lg object is prepared and the gomdprocs.bin binary accepts
> now the gomd-IP as the first commandline parameter, startscript included)
> Please notice that it is still using the local proc-interface.
> (methods are not yet changed to use the libgomd)
> Currently the gomdview executes the gomdprocs on the remote
> node (with display set to local workstation)
> ( -> same as the remote-console )
> If the "exec con (nodeid)... " will be fixed, the gomdprocs will be
> mostly usable as it is (running from remote).
> Anyways i would like change this into a full client-server
> application (as it is in the gomdview) so the gomdprocs
> will actually run on the "local workstation" outside the
> cluster and connecting a gomd to get all needed values
> to display.
> .. so the gomdprocs will soon use the lg/libgomd object
> to get the informations about a remote node.
> open issues:
> The gomd/libgomd framework already provides commands
> for getting the required values (get ps, get pi...)
> I have probs with e.g. "get pi [pid]" ...
> . ->
> address@hidden # get pi
> <ERR>: request is invalid!
> address@hidden # get procmigstatus
> <ERR>: request is invalid!
> address@hidden # get pi 1
> <ERR>: request is invalid!
> address@hidden #
> .. ;) btw "get nl" is "doubled"
> get nodelist + get netload
> Could you please re-check the "getter" functions
> (especially the extra ones for the processes)
> My current plan is to use the "get ps" output to fill
> gomdprocs and get the procmigstatus for each process
> (i will also need the process-miggroup)
> I think a "get proccmdline [pid]" would be usefull too.
> ;))) sorry for so many requests, as i mentioned always take your time
> and enjoy. It is really fun to use the libgomd/gomd stuff and because
> of the amount of provided informations (by the gomd) we can increase
> the functioniallity of gomdview.
> btw: the most prio should be set to the "exec con (nodeid) .." stuff.
> It is still not working for me. Maybe i am doing something wrong ?
> (It does not work on the gomd-cmd for me either as re-checked)
> With having this working the gomdview will actually start being usefull
> (including the gomdprocs)
> many thanks to you all (and especially to Gian Paolo for the good support)
> stay tuned and have fun,
> Matt
> --
> E-mail :  address@hidden
> www : http://www.openmosixview.com
> an openMosix-cluster management GUI
> The feature you'd like to have is probably already installed on your
> Linux system.

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