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[Gtktalog-devel]Re: Suggestions and bugs in GTKtalog 1.0.2

From: Yves Mettier
Subject: [Gtktalog-devel]Re: Suggestions and bugs in GTKtalog 1.0.2
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 19:34:46 +0200 (CEST)
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> GTKtalog is very nice and is one of the "missing links" on Linux when
> you compare it to Windows. Very good work.


> A few observations:
> * Feature: remember the size of the bottom-right panel. It contains
> very little information and I'd much rather use the space for the panel
> above it, with the long directory listing.

I will not do it in the 1.0 branch. It will be done in the 1.2 branch that 
gnome2. It would be too much work to do it in both branchs: there are very 

> * Feature: ability to change what columns appear in the long dir
> listing. "Description" and "information" are pretty much useless for me
> and I'd rather make them go away.

Here, you will probably be able to select what columns you want and what 
columns you
don't want in the 1.2 branch. Same reason as above.

> * Bug: SizeFormat option is saved to with actual \n's
> instead of newlines, so it looks like this:
> ...|Bytes_Human]\nSizeFormat HumanReadable\n
> Obviously, it is never read by GTKtalog and it ends up always using the
> default, which is "Bytes and human readable".

Fixed, in both branchs. Thanks!
gtktalog-1.0.3 will be released probably soon :)

> That's about it about the version based on GTK 1.x. I tried the GTK 2
> version too and it looks really good, one problem though: it always sets
> the size of the tree panel to some huge width on startup so you can't
> even see the other two panels, I assume they are somewhere to the right
> where I can't reach them. FWIW, I have this in my .cf:
> TreeWindowSize 136 467 True

The gnome2/gtk+-2 support in the 1.0 branch is very experimental, and will 
never be
But in the 1.2 branch, the main feature is the gnome2/gtk+-2 support. So we'll 
have a look!

Before you ask me the question: no, there are no package of the 1.2 branch yet. 
You can
only get it from the CVS. Port gtktalog from gnome1 to gnome2 is not so easy. 
But we'll
do it :)


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