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[Gtktalog-devel] Re: GTKTalog

From: Yves Mettier
Subject: [Gtktalog-devel] Re: GTKTalog
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 20:25:45 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi Sander!

I have made some tests with an XML format: it looks very interesting. But my 
tests were
not done in good conditions: we need to do some more tests before choosing XML 
as the
language of the default file format.

However, plugins can output XML even if the gtktalog file format has nothing to 
do with
XML. For this, you should either hack the current plugins (add an option on the 
line to output XML-formated data) or ask the plugins developers to do it if 
they do not
matter doing it.
This will probably be needed if the default file format for gtktalog becomes
XML-formated, but this needs tests, then work.

I forward your mail (and my answer) to the mailing list, and to Panagiotis 
Issaris for
the video plugins if he is interested in such a development. Mathieu does not 
seem to
maintain mp3info any more, and on the Mandrake distribution, mpgtx is prefered 
mp3info in their package.


> Hi Yves and Mathieu,
> A week ago I started using GTKTalog for my cataloguing activities and
> it's the best catalogue program i've seen.
> I have some ideas that might improve GTKTalog.
> First of all, the plugin system is really great, but the extracted
> information (e.g. mp3 tags, RIFF data etc) is stored in a rather
> inflexible way. If all extracted information is stored as name/value
> pairs, you can use the name as a key for searching.
> Even more advanced would be to store the metadata in a tree (in XML for
> example) so you can do something like this
> movie.avi
>   <length type="time">01:25:00</length>
>   <audio>
>     <codec>mp3</codec>
>     <bitrate>128000</bitrate>
>   </audio>
>   <video>
>     <width>720</width>
>     <height>480</height>
>     <codec>XviD</codec>
>     <bitrate>1600000</bitrate>
>     <framerate>25</framerate>
>   </video>
> maybe even something like
> <user-rating>7.5</user-rating>
> Then you can search for all movies that use the XviD codec, or all
> movies with a bitrate higher than ....
> well, that's it. thanks for the nice piece of software!
> grtz,
> Sander

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