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[Gtktalog-devel] Re: GTKtalog 1.0.4 - Feedback & Desiderata

From: Yves Mettier
Subject: [Gtktalog-devel] Re: GTKtalog 1.0.4 - Feedback & Desiderata
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 16:59:24 +0100 (CET)
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Hi Ralf :)

> Salut Yves,
> GTKtalog is really great! Thank you. To me, it would be even perfect with
> these three additions:
> 1. Every Disc (Folder, Media) gets a UNIQUE ID (preferably auto increased
> counter) that should, however, be editable.

Already done. The disk name is considered as an id, and there cannot be 2 same 

> 2. The Data should be exportable to plain text files (like CSV)

Check the "reports" tool.

> 3. Vice Versa, but maybe most difficult, CSV files (or other interchange
> formats) should be merged into an existing Database (Catalogue)

Right, this is something missing. But it is not so easy to do: we need some cvs 
interpreter somewhere.

> Just one final suggestion: How about allowing several catalogues being
> simultanuesly opened (parallel branches)?

This is called MDI: Multi Document Interface.
A lot of gtktalog code is done with this in mind, but the MDI is to do. It 
should not be
too difficult to do, but it is work, anyway.

We will probably work on this after porting gtktalog to gnome2.

> Regards, and keep going!

I cc the mailing list so other developers know about it too.

> Ralf.

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