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Announcing Projector - Guile bindings for SDL

From: Vikram Subramanian
Subject: Announcing Projector - Guile bindings for SDL
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 19:49:21 +0530

   Am new to the list.Just wanted to announce "Projector" -  A set of
Guile bindings for SDL. SDL is a library that makes writing games easier
across various platforms like Linux, Windows, BeOS etc. So with these
bindings writing games under Guile should be easier.

  It may be either used for writing games entirely in Guile or be useful
in game (which uses SDL) extensions as a low level fallback.

  The sources can be grabbed from

  I tested it mainly with guile-1.4 (under Linux) and just now tested it
with guile-1.5(Under Solaris-2.8) . It's using scm_make_gsubr which is
deprecated in 1.5. Also I tried to load the audio mixer module within a
catch, and it complains that modules can be loaded only at the top-level
,in 1.5 but not in 1.4. Functionally, it seems to work fine with

  I didn't know about snarfing when i started and so everything has been
wrapped by hand(!!)

  I am yet to write documentation but a few Guile programs can be found
in the "examples" directory of the source package.

  Please visit the preliminary home page at for a list of features, requirements

Thank you.

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