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Re: No gh_set_x()?

From: Jürgen A. Erhard
Subject: Re: No gh_set_x()?
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 23:34:06 +0200
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>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Tregar <address@hidden> writes:

    Sam> I'm a Perl programmer that wants to dabble in Guile not a
    Sam> masochist!

You're a Perl programmer but not a masochist?  Is that even possible?

(For me programming in Perl would be a spanking... but unlike a
masochist I wouldn't like it ;-)

    Sam> In fact, I fully expect it to make Larry Wall physically ill.

So you're a sadist?  ;-)

Bye, J

PS: Sorry for the extreme butchering, but it was necessary for the
dramatic effect (or whatever...)

 Jürgen A. Erhard  (address@hidden, address@hidden)
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