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Re: gh_define() and gh_eval_str()

From: Marius Vollmer
Subject: Re: gh_define() and gh_eval_str()
Date: 22 Jul 2001 21:49:45 +0200
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Federico Di Gregorio <address@hidden> writes:

> another little question: it is possible to somewhat create an
> environment and then have gh_eval_str() compile code closing on that
> environment?

You can use `scm_c_call_with_current_module' to invoke gh_eval_str
while a given module is current.  To create a module, use

For example

    SCM module;

    module = scm_c_define_module ("foo bar", NULL, NULL);
    scm_c_call_with_current_module (module, gh_eval_str, "...");

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