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Re: dynamic-link problem

From: Sergey Dolin
Subject: Re: dynamic-link problem
Date: 23 Jul 2001 14:58:17 +0600
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MV>address@hidden (Bill Gribble) writes:
MV>> Still no luck with linking the actual library I'm trying to link.  Any
MV>> other suggestions?
MV>Guile is using libltdl from libtool to implement its `dynamic-link'
MV>function.  libltdl has problems with error reporting: it tries a
MV>number of names for a library until one succeeds, regardless of the
MV>reason of failure. 
MV>When one try fails because of unresolved symbols,
MV>say, it just goes ahead and tries the remaining names, and ultimately
MV>fails with "file not found", which is wrong.

The only thing can help is strace.
  Try strace -o tracel.log guile -s yours.scm.

MV>[I meant to fix this for quite some time now...]


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