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Multi-language cookbook effort

From: Neil Jerram
Subject: Multi-language cookbook effort
Date: 17 Aug 2001 11:38:58 +0100
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Some on this list were interested recently in creating a cookbook of
Guile examples.  This is still something that (IMO) should hopefully
happen, but I just come across a related project that would go some
way towards the implied goals, and could help to raise Guile's image.

This project is PLEAC.  Its aim is to take the examples in the
Perl Cookbook (O'Reilly), translate each of them into a number of
other programming languages, and publish the result.

See for details.

Right now they have no one proposing Scheme translations, although
Scheme is on the list of languages that the project coordinators would
like to see included.  I think any `Scheme' version would have to use
a particular implementation of Scheme, as the examples almost
certainly (I haven't looked at them yet) involve, e.g., system
programming that goes behind R5RS.

So basically there is an opportunity for Guilers as a whole to propose
to provide a set of Guile translations for this project, and for
individuals to work on particular examples.

Anyone interested?


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