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Re: Multi-language cookbook effort

From: Alex Shinn
Subject: Re: Multi-language cookbook effort
Date: 17 Aug 2001 23:19:01 -0400
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>>>>> "Neil" == Neil Jerram <address@hidden> writes:

    Neil> Some on this list were interested recently in creating a
    Neil> cookbook of Guile examples.  This is still something that
    Neil> (IMO) should hopefully happen, but I just come across a
    Neil> related project that would go some way towards the implied
    Neil> goals, and could help to raise Guile's image.

    Neil> See for details.


    Neil> Anyone interested?

Yes, I was one of the people interested in the cookbook recently and
would still like to see this happen.  Of course, the Perl Cookbook
asks questions and solves problems that Perl is specifically designed
for, and a Guile Cookbook would likely want to include other sorts of
problems, but PLEAC seems like a good start and a way to keep focused.

Attached is a transliteration of chapter 1 (everything but psgrep).
Most of the earlier discussions revolved around chapters 7 & 8, so
that should be quick to put together too.  I've tried to do this in
the style of the Perl Cookbook - give the most basic Scheme way to do
things, and then mention external modules and SRFI's where useful.
Naturally there's heavy emphasis on SRFI-13.

Anyone else interested?  Should we set up a list?

Alex Shinn <address@hidden>

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