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Re: binary representation of numbers

From: Rohan Drape
Subject: Re: binary representation of numbers
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 19:24:27 +1100
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> My suspicion is that you can't do this in a reasonable way in
> Guile. From the C level it's easy enough to do it, but not on the
> Scheme level.  Someone should implement these primitives for
> Guile.

Since it appears there are no primitives to do this I have ported 
the mzscheme procedures.  The API definitions seem fine to me, and 
the implementation is good with regards to size and type checks.  

The intial guile version is packaged as a dynamically loaded module, 
however I would like to submit this work for consideration for 
inclusion in the guile distribution since it seems to me a useful 
set of primitives*.   Is this list the correct place to submit 


* They are, for example, enough to cleanly implement the 
OpenSoundControl protocol, which is the purpose of this work

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