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Re: binary representation of numbers

From: Mikael Djurfeldt
Subject: Re: binary representation of numbers
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 08:53:18 +0100
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Rohan Drape <address@hidden> writes:

>> My suspicion is that you can't do this in a reasonable way in
>> Guile. From the C level it's easy enough to do it, but not on the
>> Scheme level.  Someone should implement these primitives for
>> Guile.
> Since it appears there are no primitives to do this I have ported 
> the mzscheme procedures.  The API definitions seem fine to me, and 
> the implementation is good with regards to size and type checks.  

That is great!

> The intial guile version is packaged as a dynamically loaded module, 
> however I would like to submit this work for consideration for 
> inclusion in the guile distribution since it seems to me a useful 
> set of primitives*.

Sounds like a good idea.

> Is this list the correct place to submit contributions?

Normally, contributed source goes to address@hidden, but since
you want to promote it for inclusion into guile-core, I'd say
address@hidden is a good choice.


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