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guile-sdl demo-1 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: guile-sdl demo-1 available
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 03:15:41 +0100


inspired by the infinite procrastination potential of codifying thought,
i put together a small demo, hopefully the first in a series as i learn
more about sdl, guile, life, the universe and everything.  tarball in

rw-vcg.scm is incomplete in many ways and will probably spend some time
in ttn-pers-scheme limbo before falling through to guile hell.  V.xpm is
snarfed from a boggle-ish clone i'm writing (for the avid boggle players
in the house :-).  tree.vcg is snarfed from some vcg distribution, w/
random `loc: { x: 123 y: 456 }' inserted by an energetic emacs macro,
followed by evaluating:

   (while (re-search-forward "\\([xy]: \\)[0-9]+" (point-max) t)
     (replace-match (format "\\1%d" (random 500))))

(thus, if the quality of the random numbers does not meet your exacting
standards, take it up w/ rms... ;-).  to run the demo, read view-vcg
and do what needs to be done.

ok, back to the grindstone.  code for demo-N, N>1 welcome (if GPLed).
also, please let me know if you are ok w/ inclusion of the contributed
demo in a future guile-sdl release.


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