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Re: ttn's build system [was: Extended -e syntax]

From: Clinton Ebadi
Subject: Re: ttn's build system [was: Extended -e syntax]
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:28:19 -0500
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On Saturday 06 March 2004 10:47, Andreas Rottmann wrote:
> Clinton Ebadi <address@hidden> writes:
> > I've been trying to get guile-pg to compile and it hasn't been
> > working out too well...ttn uses his new build system stuff with
> > guile-pg and they only work with Guile 1.4.x unless Guile has
> > support for his extended -e syntax.

> Have you already started this? I'm especially interested in the
> build-system, and will break that out into a separate piece, since I
> intend to use it for the Guile-Library thing and possible at a later
> point in Guile-Gnome. I can't wait for this being perhaps eventually
> integrated into Guile (I suspect this might take *some* time to
> happen). So if you haven't started tackling "porting" the build
> system, it *might* make sense to wait for what I'll produce, which
> will be a piece of software building on Guile, but not integrated into
> guile-tools. This means just shipping it with Guile in the future,
> making guile-tools tie it in, could be an alternative of a direct
> port, avoiding duplicate effort.

I haven't started to work on the build system stuff so I'll focus on other 
stuff for now (modsup and friends).

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