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Taking my chance

From: zulu matabule
Subject: Taking my chance
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 02:14:49 +0200

Good Day,

The sum of USD7.5 million  which has
long been overdue for payout is about been
re-assimilated into our mainstream accounts,
hence my urgent need to contact you. My
company (name withheld) a security company
was frequently patronized by very rich
farmers and doctors from neighbouring
countries. During the recent crisis in
Zimbabwe a lot of these farmers lost their

After several advertisements for the next
of kin or beneficiary of the deceased's estate
to come forward for such claims, we have
noticed that one Dr. K. Ford never listed a
beneficiary to his deposit and as such no body
came forward for the USD7.5 million

I have used my position to remove his payout
file from among those to be re-assimilated into
our bank accounts and am now taking my chance
that you will accept to be the beneficiary of
this payout. I, being the Head of Legal, and
Administration has all the necessary paperwork
to making you the beneficiary within 72 hours
of your acceptance as I have about 5 files to
payout like this.

If this is agreeable to you, let me know what
percentage of the claims will be acceptable to
you for assisting me. You may contact me on
this e-mail address: address@hidden

An early response will be appreciated.

Zulu Matabule

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