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Re: strange mkstemp! behavior

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: strange mkstemp! behavior
Date: 22 Sep 2004 10:46:12 -0500
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Marius Vollmer <address@hidden> writes:

> It is very easy now to implement read-only strings in Guile.  Should
> we do so?  String literals and the the strings returned by
> symbol->string would be read-only.  Anything else?

 - procedure: vector-set! vector k obj
     K must be a valid index of VECTOR.  `Vector-set!' stores OBJ in
     element K of VECTOR.  The value returned by `vector-set!' is

     (let ((vec (vector 0 '(2 2 2 2) "Anna")))
       (vector-set! vec 1 '("Sue" "Sue"))
               ==>  #(0 ("Sue" "Sue") "Anna")
     (vector-set! '#(0 1 2) 1 "doe")
               ==>  _error_  ; constant vector

 - procedure: set-car! pair obj
     Stores OBJ in the car field of PAIR.  The value returned by
     `set-car!' is unspecified.

     (define (f) (list 'not-a-constant-list))
     (define (g) '(constant-list))
     (set-car! (f) 3)                       ==>  _unspecified_
     (set-car! (g) 3)                       ==>  _error_

It's also an error to modify numbers and booleans, but I don't think
this is a problem.

The way it is now doesn't bother me at all.  One fewer detail is
usually good IMHO, barring other considerations.

Stephen Compall or s11 or sirian

Patch griefs with proverbs.
                -- William Shakespeare, "Much Ado About Nothing"

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