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[ANN] Stable Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.16.1 released

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [ANN] Stable Guile-Gnome-Platform 2.16.1 released
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 18:49:46 +0200
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Greetings to hackers of the good hack,

After seven years of development by a varied and motley crew, we are
pleased and relieved to finally announce the first^Wsecond API- and
ABI-stable release of guile-gnome-platform, version 2.16.0^W2.16.1.

Guile-gnome-platform 2.16.1 may be downloaded from:

Version 2.16.0 was released without publicity. 2.16.1 is a bugfix
release, but those interested in history can grab older tarballs in that
same directory:

About guile-gnome-platform

Guile-gnome-platform is a binding between Guile Scheme and the Gnome
stack of libraries. It is API- and ABI- stable.

There are several things that are the awesome about this code:

  * It's fully integrated!
    Instances of GObject are objects in Scheme; you can query their
    properties, class hierarchies, etc at runtime. You can derive new
    types yourself, with signals, properties, and the like. Good stuff!

  * It's fully documented!
    Start with the tutorial-like docs for the core GObject wrapper:
    Then branch out into individual modules: 

  * Fully extensible!
    Guile-Gnome-Platform also provides a good base off of which to bind
    other libraries based on GLib. For example, Guile-Clutter binds
    almost all of the new Clutter library, with documentation, and most
    of that work was done in a day.

  * Stable!
    Write once, run anywhen! Guile-Gnome's API and ABI will never be
    changed incompatibly.

  * Scheme!
    You will be assimilated, or alternately, gnawed to death by
    fingernail clippings.


packaging changes
* Removed the "docs" module; its content, the tutorial, is now folded
  into the documentation for all of the relevant modules (e.g. GLib,
  GTK+, CORBA, etc.)

* Changelogs have all been archived to ChangeLog.pre-2.16, because now
  we will just use revision control logs.

* Suppress some automake warnings.

* Add guile-clutter to the set of configurable packages.

* Improved documentation.

* New platform release, no change.

* Improved documentation, folding the tutorial text in to the (gnome
  corba) module commentary.

* Removed a printf.

* New platform release, no change.

* Imroved documentation, with example.

* Fixed a bug regarding GConfClient notification.

* Improved documentation.

* Build process is slightly less noisy.

* Recognize GInitiallyUnowned as a sinkable object.

This doesn't affect e.g. GTK+, for which we already recognize GtkObject
as sinkable, but it does affect e.g. Clutter.

* Don't error when constructing parameter types of which we are unaware.

Affects e.g. ClutterUnit parameters; the precise nature of this fix will
change in the future.
* Accept integers as init values for <gchar> or <guchar> values.

* Bugfix for custom-wrapped boxed values, like GdkRectangle.

* Fix regressions on x86-64.

* Improved documentation, with some example code.

* Improved documentation, merging in content from the tutorial into the
  main GTK+ docs.

* Improved documentation, with an example.

* Improved documentation.

* Improved documentation.

* Improved documentation.

* Added (gnome pangocairo) module, along with documentation.


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