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Re: char-set-contains? and #<eof>

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: Re: char-set-contains? and #<eof>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 20:08:59 +0200
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On Fri 28 May 2010 22:52, No Itisnt <address@hidden> writes:

> R5RS specifies that character predicates should return #f,

One may interpret the language of the R5RS to permit raising an error if
the argument is not a character. Same with the R6RS. This is the tack
that Guile has taken.

For example, what would you have Guile do here:

  (even? #f) => ?
  (char-whitespace? 42) => ?

> The reason it bothers me is because it makes it cumbersome to deal
> with input from a port.

True; but it's just how it is, I think. The EOF object is not a



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