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Re: Changing the Emacs engine to Guile

From: Cecil Westerhof
Subject: Re: Changing the Emacs engine to Guile
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 14:13:17 +0200
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Op dinsdag 22 jun 2010 12:05 CEST schreef Cecil Westerhof:

>> The above while found-match loop does not modify this-line.
>> The result is to find the last match on the line.
> I just hacked it fast to try it out. I only checked the standard case
> where I changed the spaces at the beginning of the line with non break
> spaces. I just tried something else and found this behaviour. As they
> say: haste makes waste. There is also another bug, with certain input I
> can get a value out of range. Next time I should verify my code and not
> publish it immediately. :-{

I made a better version. There where some stupid mistakes in the first
version. :-[ It is accessible through:

When there is a better version I'll update it. And I am open to

>> Also, (I'm not sure about it I would have to check string-replace, but
>> my guess is that) the substituted text is (substring substitute-str
>> start-match end-match), which will be different in the case of emacs
>> code below.

Was a stupid mistake. :-{

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