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Updating GNU Serveez for Guile 2.0

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Updating GNU Serveez for Guile 2.0
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 21:35:31 -0800 (PST)


With some trepidation, I've decided to announce a beta release of a
project I've been working on, which, for now, I'm calling
serveez-mg.  (Release early, release often, right?)

serveez-mg is a framework for writing servers in Guile.  It
implements a server framework where you only have to write callback
functions that respond to server requests.  It takes care of 
the main server poll loop and low-level socket connection functions.

serveez-mg takes the form of a compiled executable than can run as
a daemon.  It uses Guile as an extension language to describe servers.

The guts of serveez-mg come from the GNU serveez software, which is
a much grander project that attempts to demonstrate how to write
server software in many different platforms and protocols, including
W32.  So, I've stripped GNU serveez just to its Guile and GNU/Linux
parts, and thenupdated them to work with Guile 2.0.

There's a download server and git repo you can browse at

And some documentation you can read at

The original GNU Serveez project (which should work with Guile 1.4) 
can be found at


Mike Gran

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