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Getting Guile 2.0.x onto Fedora

From: Mike Gran
Subject: Getting Guile 2.0.x onto Fedora
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 18:31:00 -0800 (PST)

With the Fedora 18 beta starting, I thought I'd check on the
state of Guile.  To date, Fedora hasn't moved past Guile 1.8.8.
The meta-bug tracking Guile 2.0.x integration is #678238
But, it is being blocked by several packages failing to build
with Guile 2.0. 
These are
- Texmacs (#704515)
- Autogen (#704517)
- coot (#704518)
- Demeno (#704519)
- Freehoo (#704521)
- Freetalk (#704522)
- geda-gaf (#704524)
- gnucash (#704527)
- gnu robots (#704528) - looks complete, but bug is still open
- guile-gnome-platform (#704530)
- guile-lib (#704531)
- lilypond (#704533)
- mdk (#704544)
Obviously the guile-user mailing list isn't the right place to
address Fedora build issues. I know that, and I apologize in
advance for that.
That Fedora bugtracker is the *right* place, but, not much
is happening there.  So,if anyone knows the maintainers, and if they
need a hand with something, maybe I or we can help.
Mike Gran

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