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Question re GDB interface functions and Guile

From: Ian Hulin
Subject: Question re GDB interface functions and Guile
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 23:40:21 +0100
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Hi all,
Eli Zaretskii recently asked this question as an aside in the thread on
guile 2.09 build on mingw.

"Btw, is there documentation anywhere about how to use the GDB
interface functions in Guile?  I sometimes need to display Scheme
values while debugging, and I see there are functions for that, but I
found no description of how they are supposed to be used.  What am I

Some pointers would be really cool as we have had to brew our own things
in the Pond like this in a gdb file:

define ps
   print ly_display_scm($arg0)

document ps
  Interpret $arg0 as a scheme string by calling scm_display and
  scm_newline to output them to stdout

ly_display_scm is a C++ code-level routine, but all it basically does is

(define (ly_display_scm the-arg)
   (display the-arg)

So if you guys have any cool GDB things for dealing with Scheme
structures and things we'd find them really useful and would look to
include them in our documentation (CG = Contributors' Guide).

Thanks in advance, and yes, I've just invested in a hard copy of
"Debugging with GDB" as well as "The Guile 2.0 Reference Manual".

Ian Hulin (LilyPond Developer)

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