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Human Typable Shared Secret (make-passwd.scm)

From: Michael Titke
Subject: Human Typable Shared Secret (make-passwd.scm)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2015 07:56:21 +0200
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Whenever you would like to do something very very important you probably will need a new password for subscribing to a mailing list, creating another on-line account and else. After some passwords you start to develop a scheme on how to easily create new passwords in your mind but it remains daunting. The password storage and retrieval is already done by Firefox, Thunderbird, Key Chain and Account Managers but the password creation is still left to the user who - as a matter of fact - only needs to memorize his master password.

To fill the gap I have written a small command line utility in Guile Scheme which serves my needs.

Human Typable Shared Secret (System Scheme)

This implementation creates a human typable shared secret
especially for protecting online accounts and it should be used in
conjunction with keychains or password managers. It is defined to
not use certain special characters which are known to be difficult
to find if the keyboard layout in software doesn't match the actual
inscriptions on the keys. It is designed to remain usable on
paper backups. Its shared secrets have the property of being
hard (but not impossible) to communicate by oral speech. They are
also hard to memorize especially when you can look at them only for
a short time.

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