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Re: GOOPS Terminal Class - RnRS POSIX support

From: Michael Tiedtke
Subject: Re: GOOPS Terminal Class - RnRS POSIX support
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 16:54:13 +0200
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On 23/06/2015 15:30, Mike Gran wrote:
WOn Tuesday, June 23, 2015 1:04 AM, Michael Tiedtke <address@hidden> wrote:

Now, full access to "POSIX system calls" means more and less than
that. When you want to have a look at my current terminal
application driver you will see it's current shortcomings: missing a
general (Linux specific) ioctl primitive it uses the stay
command to set raw and sane mode of terminal operation. Try to 
read out the dimension of the terminal with get-dimensions:
for me this surprisingly works flawlessly in the modern Gnome
Terminal - but it remains stuck in the response reader on a
Linux tty and even in XTerm itsself although the escape
sequence used stems from it's documentation (ctlseqs.txt).
Well, probably window control sequences are turned off on
my Ubuntu system and I should revert to the Linux specific ioctl.

Well, already you are running into the small differences
between terminals.  The terminfo part of ncurses tries to
capture the differences between terminals. It is a mammoth
undertaking.  Without reimplementing or using terminfo,
you'll have to choose a small set of target terminals or a
small subset of escape sequences that actually work on
most terminals. 

I guess so: but ALL and each and every of them are software virtual terminals. Mischiefed software virtual terminals. Right now it's only the most common setup: Linux Console/TTY, GTK/Gnome Terminal and X11/XTerm but I don't really care about XTerm.

There isn't really any difference in the capabilities you could expect let's say from a text only EGA/VGA DOS Box.
It's only escape sequence, against ioctl (termios, console_ioctl, tty_ioctl). But my kernel tty honestly tells me left alt is meta, right alt is meta and my apple command keys which should be meta are meta, too? But I need ioctl to stop it sending ESC when meta or alt is used with printable character keys?

Not even VIM gets this right. In none of my three current target terminals: Linux Console, Gnome Terminal, XTerm less so.

It might become a "mammoth undertaking": finding a working setup for the Linux Console and the Gnome Terminal for two modes: command line printer (auto mode) and console mode (full control mode). Both terminal emulations are lacking real documentation of their true capabilities. Perhaps they, the VT implementors, should think about a new standard on how to continue. XTerm even has control sequences for mouse support - but Linux Console is a bit fishy, honestly. But maybe it's getty/agetty and each and every other UNIX-stdio program that's screwed.

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