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Re: [potluck dish] the (potluck struct) module

From: Matt Wette
Subject: Re: [potluck dish] the (potluck struct) module
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2016 05:53:32 -0800

First message got garbled.  Redo:

If you have used the Python struct module then this will look familiar.

Attached are three files:
* struct.scm: the source code 
* struct.texi: documentation 
* struct.test: test code

Struct Module

The '(potluck struct)' module provides procedures for packing and
unpacking scheme data to and from bytevectors based on a format string.

     (use-modules (potluck struct))

     ;; pack two unsigned shorts and a double float in big endian order
     (define data (pack ">2Hd" 3 22 34.0))
     (write data) (newline)
     #vu8(0 3 0 22 64 65 0 0 0 0 0 0)

     ;; verify using unpack
     (write (unpack ">2Hd" data)) (newline)
     (3 22 34.0)

 -- Scheme Procedure: pack format vals ...
     Return a bytevector that contains encoded data from VALS, based on
     the string FORMAT.

 -- Scheme Procedure: unpack format bvec
     Return a list of scheme objects decoded from the bytevector BVEC,
     based on the string FORMAT.

 -- Scheme Procedure: packed-size format
     Return the number of bytes represented by the string FORMAT.

   The _format_ string used for PACK and UNPACK is constructed as a
sequence of digits, representing a repeat count, and codes, representing
the binary content.

The string may optionally begin with a special character that represents
the endianness:
    =        native endianness
    <        little-endian
    >        big-endian
    !        network order -- i.e., big-endian

Type codes used in the format string are interpreted as follows:
    x        blank byte
    c        8-bit character
    ?        boolean
    b        signed 8-bit integer
    B        unsigned 8-bit integer
    h        signed 16-bit integer
    H        unsigned 16-bit integer
    i        signed 32-bit integer
    I        unsigned 32-bit integer
    l        signed 32-bit integer
    L        unsigned 32-bit integer
    q        signed 64-bit integer
    Q        unsigned 64-bit integer
    f        32-bit IEEE floating point
    d        64-bit IEEE floating point
    s        string

   The following issues remain to be addressed:
string padding
     'pack' assumes that the string length in the format is the same as
     in the passed string.  Non-conformance is not trapped as an error.

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