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Re: Transient environment with standard functions

From: Basa Centro
Subject: Re: Transient environment with standard functions
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2016 00:51:23 +0000
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I did think of one project that uses a Lisp (CL) to let you do CAD in an Emacs REPL, rather than a GUI, which is Gendl:



If you haven't seen it, it uses a declarative syntax to avoid some of the sandboxing issues needed for public model "commons", and I think it does have a constraint solver to do something similar to your graph. It has web based tool to display models in X3DOM/WebGL. It doesn't get enough attention, IMO. Again it is something I wish we had in Guile or at least Scheme.

I myself have contemplated using an implicit modeling backend with Sussman et al's. propagator concept to do the constraint solving, but that is a ways off I am afraid.


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