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Re: Transient environment with standard functions

From: Basa Centro
Subject: Re: Transient environment with standard functions
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2016 22:11:01 +0000

> First of all: is the "sandboxing" aspect of these environment important?


Thanks, that's exactly what I meant by "motivation" in my first reply.
(There was a recent, 6 months ago or so, thread on sandboxing in
guile-user by the way.)

Was Matt trying to prevent _access_ (inaccessible vs. read-only vs.
read/write) to data?  Or was he trying to prevent only _visibility_
(e.g. for hygeine)?

I think we need to know more about "what" and "why" to answer his
question, rather than just "how"--if that makes any sense.  Does
Racket [1] even _really_ achieve what he needs to do (_prevent_ access
for example)?  We don't even know if we don't understand the
higher-level purpose.


[1] Disclaimer: I like Racket too--it is a great project.  I just hate
to see someone leave Guile because of a minor technicality.

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