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Introducing GNUPaste

From: Kristofer Buffington
Subject: Introducing GNUPaste
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 13:37:30 -0500
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I am excited to share GNUPaste! This is a really simple web app
similar to built with Guile. I have a linode running it
from git on GuixSD. (Please use it!)

Currently the frontend uses twitter bootstrap + jquery and highlightjs
from a CDN. It really doesn't need all that boilerplate. It will
definitely change in the future. GNUPaste depends on guile-wiredtiger
and guile-fibers to compile. 

Ultimately I want to be able to deploy with something like:

$ guix system disk-image gnupaste-system.scm

Then boot it up in a VPS.

I need to fix some issues with autotools before it can be installed with
make. My issue is creating a consistent test-env because configure
substitutes @localstatedir@ (root/gnupaste/ with a
path/to/wt that is not in the build tree. I'm planning to imitate
guix.git/build-aux/test-env in that regard.

Otherwise, I would really appreciate some feature suggestions,
especially if it involves using pubstrate!


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