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Re: Introducing GNUPaste

From: ng0
Subject: Re: Introducing GNUPaste
Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2017 09:13:37 +0000

Hi Kristofer,

Kristofer Buffington transcribed 1.1K bytes:
> Hello!
> I am excited to share GNUPaste! This is a really simple web app
> similar to built with Guile. I have a linode running it
> from git on GuixSD.

great start, I like it.
What would be really good is if there could be an API similar to
what pb (example instance: has.
The power of pb lies in its features and its ability to be used
from the commandline. I can simply upload the output of a command
without saving it first to a textfile - I can simply pipe it to curl.
So pb is built using flask (
I'd like to see (and maybe even help when I have the time) a paste web app
written in Guile that can be compared to pb.
Long text, short nonsense: One of many features I'd welcome is the ability
to pipe and paste data to the paste server.

Another useful thing: Be able to delete pastes. I've asked one of the pb
developers a long time ago and they told me that pb just keeps collecting
and you have to manually delete content in the db (or something like that),
no ability to delete pastes for an admin was implemented.

> (Please use it!)
> Source:
> Currently the frontend uses twitter bootstrap + jquery and highlightjs
> from a CDN. It really doesn't need all that boilerplate. It will
> definitely change in the future. GNUPaste depends on guile-wiredtiger
> and guile-fibers to compile. 
> Ultimately I want to be able to deploy with something like:
> $ guix system disk-image gnupaste-system.scm
> Then boot it up in a VPS.
> I need to fix some issues with autotools before it can be installed with
> make. My issue is creating a consistent test-env because configure
> substitutes @localstatedir@ (root/gnupaste/ with a
> path/to/wt that is not in the build tree. I'm planning to imitate
> guix.git/build-aux/test-env in that regard.
> Otherwise, I would really appreciate some feature suggestions,
> especially if it involves using pubstrate!
> Thanks!
> Kris

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