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Re: g-golf

From: David Pirotte
Subject: Re: g-golf
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2018 11:10:28 -0200

Hi Catonano,

> > Thank you for your interest, but please note that G-Golf still is in
> > planning stage

> I know but I tought I would have taken a look

Ok, you're welcome of course!

> I don't know if I will ever be able to contribute

> But the fiirst thing is that G-golf should have a guix.scm file and be
> buildable with Guix. I see that as my step 0
> Then, we'll see

I don't think so: to contribute, you should rather git clone, read as much as 
can (you need to grow a good knowledge of glib and gobject too...), ask 
then start to patch ... and send them to guile-devel, preceding messages with
'G-Golf', as stated on G-Golf main page...

        No need to have any particular distro, just the autool chain and gnome
        dependencies, as listed in the ... (guix has all these of
        course, but you could contribute/develop using any distro...

> > FI, the upstream configure step works perfectly well.

> What do you mean with "upstream" ?

Distro developers generally refer to 'upstream' as the development that is done
outside any particular distro.  In this case, upstream is the g-golf git repo
at savannah (there is no tarball yet, since there has been no release) and it
requires 'the autotool chain' as its building system.

> I checked it out with git from the only repository that I know of

Ok: so just run the autotool danse, not a guix command

        cd <g-golf-git-clone-dir>
        ./configure [--prefix=/your/prefix]
        make check

        [ no need to install, it is 'unusable' at this stage

> On which GNU/Linux distribution are you building it ?
> Which version of pkg-config are you using ?

Debian buster (testing), pkg-config 0.29-4+b1

> Can you make an ipothesis why pkg-config in my guix environment can't be
> found ?

Sorry, I don't

> Maybe I should move this discussion on the Guix mailing list ?

Be aware that I'm a member of guix-devel, but not guix-user. Then if the 
is to contribute to G-Golf, I prefer we use guile-devel

Thanks again for your interest, it's nice someone pings me about this project, 
reminds me I really have to find some time to work o it...


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