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Re: g-golf

From: Catonano
Subject: Re: g-golf
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2018 14:32:31 +0100

2018-01-14 14:10 GMT+01:00 David Pirotte <address@hidden>:

> Hi Catonano,
> > > Thank you for your interest, but please note that G-Golf still is in
> > > planning stage
> > I know but I tought I would have taken a look
> Ok, you're welcome of course!
> > I don't know if I will ever be able to contribute
> > But the fiirst thing is that G-golf should have a guix.scm file and be
> > buildable with Guix. I see that as my step 0
> > Then, we'll see
> I don't think so: to contribute, you should rather git clone, read as much
> as you
> can (you need to grow a good knowledge of glib and gobject too...), ask
> questions,
> then start to patch ... and send them to guile-devel, preceding messages
> with
> 'G-Golf', as stated on G-Golf main page...
>         No need to have any particular distro, just the autool chain and
> gnome
>         dependencies, as listed in the ... (guix has all
> these of
>         course, but you could contribute/develop using any distro...

Yes, I fforgot the "--ad-hoc" switchh the thhe guix environment command :-/

Now makeinfo gets found

> > > FI, the upstream configure step works perfectly well.
> > What do you mean with "upstream" ?
> Distro developers generally refer to 'upstream' as the development that is
> done
> outside any particular distro.  In this case, upstream is the g-golf git
> repo
> at savannah (there is no tarball yet, since there has been no release) and
> it
> requires 'the autotool chain' as its building system.


> > I checked it out with git from the only repository that I know of
> Ok: so just run the autotool danse, not a guix command
>         cd <g-golf-git-clone-dir>
>         ./
>         ./configure [--prefix=/your/prefix]
>         make
>         make check

More or less

The missing bit is that I am using a guix environment in order to provide
dependencies, rather than relying on dependencies being installed in my
main profile (orr in thhe operating system, if you're on a trraditional

>         [ no need to install, it is 'unusable' at this stage

Good to know

> > On which GNU/Linux distribution are you building it ?
> > Which version of pkg-config are you using ?
> Debian buster (testing), pkg-config 0.29-4+b1

Ok, thanks. Configuure stopped complaining so those should be ok now

> > Can you make an ipothesis why pkg-config in my guix environment can't be
> > found ?
> Sorry, I don't

I found it anyway ;-)

> > Maybe I should move this discussion on the Guix mailing list ?
> Be aware that I'm a member of guix-devel, but not guix-user. Then if the
> objective
> is to contribute to G-Golf, I prefer we use guile-devel


> Thanks again for your interest, it's nice someone pings me about this
> project, it
> reminds me I really have to find some time to work o it...

No thanks to you !

I'll keep you posted

An end note: now, guile-lib is missing but I'm confident I'll be able to
finish the configure phase successfully

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