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Re: Using shtml with htmlprag - output of shtml->html is different to so

From: Kenan Toker
Subject: Re: Using shtml with htmlprag - output of shtml->html is different to some given HTML
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 09:38:49 +1000

Hi Neil,

Brilliant! I'm using the version which is bundled with the guile-lib - for website, for download.

I haven't tried using a different version than this. I can also see from
the header that this version was `forked` (I'm not sure if that's the
best way to put it) and built into guile-lib in 2004. If trying a
different version of htmlprag is a good idea I can give that a go too.

Re: porting html-parsing and generally working with RnRS again, that
sounds like a good project. As it happens, when I was searching around
for more info about htmlprag I came across html-parsing, and I thought
that maybe it could drop easily into Guile but a glance at the code
confirmed this wasn't to be. It looks like a great library.


On 5/9/19 12:33 am, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> Hi, Kenan.
> If you can tell me a URL for which `htmlprag` you're using, I'll try
> to fix the problem.
> If I can't quickly figure out a simple fix for that `htmlprag`, I
> might end up trying to quickly do an unofficial port of the current
> (sadly Racket-specific) incarnation of the `htmlprag` code, since the
> newer code works correctly with your example, and I don't see an
> obvious fix in the version history:
> "";.
> (Coincidentally, I recently decided to switch back from Racket, to
> building atop RnRS again, and hopefully advancing it.  `htmlprag` was
> the very first Scheme code I ever wrote, and was tested on many Scheme
> implementations, so porting `html-parsing` back from Racket first
> seems suiting, and probably very easy.)
> Neil V.

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